Airtel Latest Recharge Offer BD 2020

Airtel Latest Recharge Offer BD 2020

Airtel has come up with different attractive offers for its customers. One of the preferred offers is the recharge offer. The recharge offer states that you need to recharge your mobile for a certain amount and you will get additional features for that recharge. There are many recharge offers for Airtel customers. This offer is also known as some bundle offer. If you are looking for another SIM offer, you can check out our list of all SIM offers.

Airtel Latest Recharge Offer 2020

Airtel Latest Recharge Offer BD 2020

23 BDT Airtel Recharge Offer

Airtel gives a special offer for 23 BDT Recharge. If you recharge 23 BDT, you will get 40 minutes talk time and 40 SMS to any operator. This offer is valid for 2 days. You can avail this offer by dialing * 123 * 23 #

10.96 BDT Airtel Recharge Offer

If you need a mini recharge offer, you can easily avail of this offer. You need to recharge 11 BDT, dial * 121 * 302 # for this offer. This offer includes 10 SMS and 20 minutes with a validity of 24 minutes

115 BDT Airtel Recharge Offer

If you need legitimacy with your talk time, SMS and internet, you can take this offer. To get this offer you need to recharge 115 BDT. You will get 205 minutes talk time on any net, 115 SMS, and 115 MB internet. Validity is 15 days from the date of purchase.

You can avail this offer by dialing * 123 * 115 #

228 BDT Airtel Recharge  Offer

If you choose this combo offer, you will get 410 minutes, 800 SMS, and 4G 500 MB Data. Then you must be recharge 228 BDT to claim this for 30 days. You can enjoy a validity of 30 days. There is no USSD code for this offer. It is only available on a single recharge.

Weekly Combo 46 BDT Recharge Offer

If you are a lover of combo offers, this offer is for you. If you recharge 46 BDT you can get 80 minutes of any net talk time, 160  SMS, and 50  MB internet with 7 days validity.

64 BDT Recharge Weekly

This offer is for mid-level users. With 46 BDT Recharge, you will get 115 Minutes talk time, 64 SMS, and 64 MB internet for 7 days. Recharge 64 BDT now to avail of this offer.

Airtel latest new SIM offer in Bangladesh in 2020

Airtel  latest new SIM Offer 2020 BD

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Airtel New Sim Purchase Offer 2020 BD

Airtel has come up with a different exciting offer for its new customers. Airtel Sim's price is 130 BDT. After purchasing a new SIM, you will get a 5 BDT preloaded amount which is valid for 90 days. The call rate will be 1.2 paise/second which means you can talk for 72 paise per minute. Airtel's new SIM subscribers will also get 50 MB valid for 50 days.

Airtel preload account balance can be checked by dialing * 778 # or * 1 #. The preloaded account will be valid for 90 days. Learn more about Airtel's new SIM offer

Airtel BD provides free internet to its new SIM users. He will get 50 MB free internet while shopping. This Internet  can be checked by dialing * 84444 * 88 # or * 3 #

New Airtel users will be able to enjoy a call rate of 1.2 paise/second or 72 paise/minute from the start of purchasing a new SIM.
2 GB and 19 minutes on 41 BDT recharge

If a customer recharges 41 BDT within the first 30 days of activation, he will get a balance of 2GB and 19 minutes any local number. This bundle minutes will be valid for 10 days. To check the minutes, one has to dial * 778 * 2525 #.

2GB internet will be valid for 7 days. * 8444 * 88 # or * 3 # is the USSD code for checking internet balance.

In addition, Airtel offers special call rates for its customers. One can enjoy 0.8 paise per net at any time for 90 days. You need to recharge 41 BDT to get all offers.

70 mins and 2 GB Internet on Airtel

If a user prefers to recharge 96 BDT instead of 41 BDT, he will get 70 minutes and 2 GB of the internet. The main balance will be 55 BDT. This means that a customer will get 70 minutes of talk time and 2 GB of internet for 31 BDT to any local operator. The minutes and internet balance can be checked by dialing * 778 * 2525 # (min) and * 8444 * 88 # or * 3 # (internet)

Need to dial USSD code to check for new Airtel SIM minutes and internet offers. * 778 * 2525 # minutes and * 8444 * 88 # or * 3 # is for internet balance check.

3 GB internet at 54 BDT

Airtel BD New customer will get 3 GB internet on 54 BDT recharge. A customer can buy this offer as many times as he wants. This offer is valid for 3 months to purchase only. The validity of the internet is 5 days. Total data amount 2048 MB

A new Airtel customer can buy 3GB of the internet at 54 BDT as much as he wants. But the condition is that after three months of buying Airtel's new SIM, you can avail of this offer.

Airtel 1gb free internet

Ariel Bangladesh wants to provide the best facilities to its new customers. If a customer recharges 41 or 96 BDT for the first time. For the next 31 days, he will get 1 GB of internet every month. To enjoy this free internet, dial * 121 * 889 #. You can avail of this internet 1 time in a calendar month. A total of 11 GB of the internet can be enjoyed in 11 months. This internet data is valid for 7 days.

Recharge 54 BDT or 96 BDT for the first time after dial * 121 * 889 # on 31st day for 1GB internet in Airtel.

1 GB internet on 9 BDT recharge

Apart from the free internet, Airtel's new customers can enjoy 1GB of the internet at 9 BDT. To enjoy the package, one needs to go through the Airtel recharge point and recharge the exact 9 BDT, the Airtel 1GB internet pack will be activated. This internet data is valid for 7 days. A customer can avail of this offer, once a month. Airtel will provide this offer for its new Airtel SIM users for the next 10 months.


These are all Airtel Latest Recharge offer 2020 BD. If you have any questions about the Airtel BD SIM offer, Please inform us.  We are prepared to help you.

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