Bangladesh Healthcare System Developing Country (Guide)

Bangladesh Healthcare Sector Is Developing 

day by day this country government takes budget in this sector TK 29,464 crore that is 5.36 percent of the total budget in 2019-2020 in the financial year of Bangladesh. If we take back some year ago when Bangladesh was a poor country at that time lot's of people died in a small disease like diarrhea disease, asthma disease and many more but now lot's of a major disease like cancer, diabetes, heart block, tuberculosis, and many more disease have treatment in Bangladesh because of now

Bangladesh Healthcare System Developing Country (Guide)

Bangladesh has high-quality medical machinery for improving their healthcare system that's why for more improving Bangladesh healthcare system American multinational health equipment maker company GE came and showed interest in Bangladesh healthcare market and started their business,

lot's of educated people who interested in improving this system try to get ge healthcare Bangladesh job so today we share how the Bangladesh government takes a step for improving the healthcare system.

Note: We already talk about Bangladesh government budget in health sector now we talk about the healthcare system and how to Bangladesh improved by this system

Healthcare System in Bangladesh

  • Primary Healthcare system
  • Secondary Healthcare system
  • Tertiary Healthcare system
this three system follow Bangladesh healthcare and this three have also variations of each system part now we will explain it

Primary Healthcare system

Community Clinics:

These community clinics for villagers and these clinics give general practitioners and nurses providing healthcare services like fever, cold, cough and pregnancy services. This clinic is most popular because of pregnancy services some years ago there are lot's of cases were pregnancy patient can't get proper treatment and they getting died and this was our a major problem that time now this

clinics are more updated villagers can get easily proper treatment and get medicine what they want before Bangladesh government started these clinics the villager believed in superstition and these villagers follow the instruction who instruct superstition after started community clinics and when the clinic's nurses advice the villagers what is good and what is bad what they should do when they suffering in disease.

Union health center:

This union health center also called mother or child help center or family welfare center this two service is totally free so there are lot's of services under these two services that we describe below
Mother And Child help center:
  • Pregnant Services
  • Pregnant delivery services
  • Post-abortion services
  • Newborn baby services
  • M R services
  • Services for children under 5
  • E P U services
  • Reproductive diseases services
  • Vitamin e capsule
  • Distribution of misoprostol tablet
Family Welfare Center:
  • Providing advice on family planning issues
  • Food pills
  • IUD
  • Copper
  • Implant
  • Birth control injection
  • Vasectomy
  • Men's Standing System (NSB)
  • The Permanent Method of Women (Ligation)
  • Adoption of the family planning system
  • Service for complications of use-related side effects.
all these services that the Bangladesh government served for the people those people didn't get this family welfare treatment.

Bangladesh Healthcare System Developing Country (Guide)

Upazila Health Complex:

  • Medical Services in the Outpatient
  • In-department medical care
  • Medical services in the emergency department
  • Vaccination Program
  • Primary health care
  • Integrated medical management of children under 6 years of age
  • Maternity Services
  • Vitamin A and worm control program
  • School Health Education Program
  • Tuberculosis and leprosy control program
All these services manage from the Upazila health complex all this department some services didn't get in the community clinic and union health center those services give Upazila health complex
community clinic and union health center properly run by Upazila health complex management they

always get news is their facilities get rural people is they get proper treatment by their management
Upazila health complex major priority maternity service because lot's of cases that community clinic and union health center can't handle pregnancy services that time Upazila health complex served their service that they have and it's totally free.

Secondary Healthcare System:

District Hospital:

A district hospital is generally the main region health care were patient can get long term health care that's why there are lots of beds for intensive care, there are lots of highly qualified doctors who gave their patient best suggestion getting good health these doctors always care their patient health. This hospital has a department for every disease were patient can easily get their health care the most

thinkable subject about this hospital if anyone compares other hospital's health care cost district hospitals reduce this health care cost. In this time Bangladesh has one of the major health cases that is maternity service this service is most costly and doctors are the only thing about their own but district hospital have tow type doctors one is male another is female for this service this type patient can get the best treatment because of specialized doctors with the different department for it.

General Hospital:

This hospital gives their patient academic health care were patient can get short term healthcare this hospital focus on the critically ill patients these hospitals vary in their bed numbers, these hospitals have lot's of medical stuff for their every department that is nurses, technician, dietitian, and
physiotherapists who give you instant check-up if you have a physical treatment like some patient affected by physical injury, illness or disability this patient get help form physiotherapists they

treatment for people of all ages and the technician who help for making instant health report for the patient who need emergency treatment for this reasons this technician collected blood, urine and body tissue for analysis were is the patient problem and they test in the laboratory and give the result and take to the doctors then doctors told the patient what is there a problem this way this hospital give their patient short term health care

Medical Hospital:

This hospital gives their patient long term and short term both healthcare because of all those things which district hospitals and general hospital give like these hospitals have lot's of the bed were patient can get long term and short term treatment this hospitals also have technician, nurse, dietitian, and physiotherapists and they focus on their patient but two things are this hospital's

differents for the district and general hospitals that are this hospital has lot's of cost for their services and another is surgery because of surgery is investigate disease or injuries by manually and technically help a person for improving health function, some injuries never solved by medicine when doctors thought that this health didn't solve by medicine that time that suggests for surgery and this treatment is done by a special doctor called a surgeon.

Bangladesh Healthcare System Developing Country (Guide)

Tertiary Healthcare system

Technical Hospital:

When a hospital connected a medical school because of tech medical student technically when a medical student started to learn a medical subject at that time they only read the book with some practice but with this thing, they can't be a professional doctor that's why when they are joined in medical school after when they complete college graduation so we should know what is medical school, medical school is a tertiary educational institution, this institution teaches medicine and give them professional degree for physicians and surgeons. This medical degree is

  • MBBS ( Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of medicine)
  • MBChB ( Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of medicine)
  • BMBS ( Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of medicine)
  • MD (Doctor of medicine)
  • DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine)
  • Ph.D (Doctor of Philosophy)
  • M.Sc (Master's degree)

and some additional degree, in this medical school, can medical research and also teaching by operating hospitals this way medical school students can learn and understand what should they do when they gonna be doctors. In this medical school is not same around the world medical school

every country has there owned medical program that's why medical schools vary considerably every country's criteria, structure, teaching methodology, and nature of medical programs that are reasons lot's of Bangladesh medical student's who want to upgrade Bangladesh health care system they going to a developed country for highly educated on medical school.

Specialized Hospital:

This hospital means one specific healthcare hospital-like Cardiac hospital, Orthopedic hospital, Surgery hospital and many more. So we shortly describe what is the cardiac hospital, cardiac is part of medicine that heart disease and blood circulation try to maintain human heart when it's affected all these doctors who well educated about this medicine they are called cardiologists and some doctors become an expert in cardiac surgery and they are called cardiothoracic Surgeon all

these doctors maintain the cardiac hospital and gave them treatment who are in heart disease. now we shortly describe what is the orthopedic hospital, Where people have muscle problems, spinal cord problems, degenerative diseases, infections, tumors, and congenital disorders. This orthopedic hospital doctors become an expert about this medicine and these doctors only treatment this disease, now surgery hospitals like same those hospitals because of this hospitals have also expert doctors who are educated in surgery and they treat those patient who have affected those disease that never solved by Drugs.

Bangladesh Healthcare System Developing Country (Guide)


Bangladesh a developing country where people died for simple treatment when Bangladesh was born but now 48 of age this country and 2015 this country land on developing the way, there is lots of a path that helps to develop the country and one path of them that is Bangladesh healthcare system

when this system is developed in this country there people can't die in the simple disease that's are reasons we are trying to explain how to Bangladesh healthcare system setup and which system for what and what facilities people get from this system so what you thoughts about our post and this healthcare system comment below.

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