10 Killer Tips To Avoid Smoking Habits (Bangladesh)

10 Killer Tips To Avoid Smoking Habits (Bangladesh)  

There are 1 billion people who getting smoke in the world which is so shocking and Bangladesh rank is 85 positions in 2016 in one survey they found every year in Bangladesh 744.1 people addicted to smoking and every year died 1,61,200 people in smoking disease in Bangladesh. A large number of men are addicted to smoking and women are also smoking but not so much there are 80% smoker who belongs with a low or middle-class income they waste billions of money in this smoking around

the world as usual Bangladesh is a developing country so most of the people belong with low or middle income from this income they spend for smoking some are hardly a smoker who daily get 10 packet cigarettes for smoking that's why some low or middle-class family have to suffer from financial problems at the end of the month, there are lot's of stories that we know about destroying a family for smoking, So in Bangladesh lot's of people try to avoid smoking but they can't we wish if they implement our tips hope they must avoid it.
10 Killer Tips To Avoid Smoking Habits (Bangladesh) 
Note: We can't guarantee you that you instantly avoid smoking habits because we are not doctor we are just consultant you that if you're following our tips to quit smoking and implement in your daily life after some days or months you will do it so don't waste your time read our 10 tips and try to understand what we try to tell you for avoiding smoking habits.

Stay Strong In Your Decision:

A decision that makes you perfect and perfect man didn't get smoking so if you have smoking habits and you want to be a perfect man you need to avoid smoking at first you should think what is the benefits of getting smoke and what you're losing by getting it then you will find your answer when you find your answer you should always remember it then when your brain thinking about getting smoking you just try to think the answer which you get from your question this thing help you stay strong in your decision read more how to train your brain about this thing.

Don't Through It Suddenly:

Every human have lot's of habits some are good and some are bad so these habits which are good means good but bad means bad which destroy a man from every point and no one can not throw their bad habits suddenly and smoking is also a bad habit if any smoker try to avoid smoking suddenly he gets panic so he should low the smoking range like he get daily 12 cigarettes when he wants to avoid he should get 11 cigarettes next day 10 cigarettes next day 9 cigarettes this like smoking range will be decrease so don't try to through it suddenly it will harm your brain. 

Divert Your Concentration:

The concentration that makes you super if you have concentration skill you will make easy anything so if your smoker and your try to avoid smoking but as smoking your habits your brain call you for getting smoke so when your brain call you told your brain that I have important work and you must be done it fast now without thinking anything you should any work that is important so when you started important work your brain help you to concentred you work that you do this way you divert your concentration read more how to divert your mind from the smoke.

Stay Away From Alcohol:

There are lot's of the smoker who gets smoke with alcohol but they didn't know the effects of alcohol with smoke when this tow thing join together it makes disaster disease in your body that is cancer so any smoker think that he or she wants to be avoided smoking at first he needs to avoid alcohol and also avoid those places were served this thing, some of the cases that cancer patient back their normal life most of the patient died in this cancer disease, those people didn't know that smoking and drinking is injurious to health when they are already in danger that time they realize what they do. This smoke destroys your body slowly but when you mix alcohol and smoke it's destroyed your body within a year so stay away from alcohol read more how to stay away from alcohol.
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Get Help From Yor Friends And Family:

No one can do anything without anyone help so a smoker need to get help from those people who stay their daily life like a family member friends and office colleague and many more person so that family member help you for avoiding smoke by diverting your concentration like when you can not control you forgetting cigarette that time they ask you for playing in the ground watching suspense movies and many more and another major person which is a friend their help must you need because most of the time spend you with them when you ask for a smoke with them they should teach you about a smoke bad thing and also save you from a smoker friend so you should need to get help from them read more how family and friends support you.

Go Morning Walk:

When a person daily wake up in the morning out from the home for walking this person depression will decrease day by day as usual when you're trying to avoid smoking habits that time you're in a depression so if your starting morning walk you fell your energy will boost, you can improve your mood that in depression and most of the best things that are mental clarity that gives you understand what are you doing and is your smoking habits avoiding decision is best for your life these thoughts gives you inspiration for making that you wants so read more is morning walk exercise make good a smoker body.

Do Meditation:

Meditation directly called the exercise of the mind, this exercise make strong your mentality through which you can learn how to you control your mind and how to give you rest your restless mind so as a smoker your mind always will remain restless this reason changes your behaver and make you a bad person who hated and avoided in every were that why if you are a smoker long time this is not to be easy to avoid smoking if you want to try that time your mind will be restless so as smoker meditation will help you to avoid smoking habits read more in wikihow how to meditate for beginners.

Drink Lots Of Water Or Juice:

There are lot's of the answer on the internet about why water or juice help to avoid smoking habits but there is one major point that is explainable which some studies ask that question with a smoker does smoking dehydrate you the smoker answer is yes that why when that they started to avoiding smoke 1sr week they get much more headache and lot's of people didn't know that water or juice make decrease you a headache by making your head properly hydrated so if you want to know how to quit smoking this is one of the best tips and trick read more about this Click here

Make You Busy:

A busy man nothing has to time for useless work and the smoking is useless without loss noting to have a benefit in smoke so lot's of people have to question how to make me busy for avoiding smoking the answer is keep your hands busy some work like use laptop when you're in the workplace when your home you can play games if you have felling boring for doing this thing you can take a deep breath inside your room balcony and walk one room to another room just for make you busy so this is also a tiny boom tip for avoiding smoking habits read more how to make your hand busy by fidget.

Avoid Smoker People:

A man helps to bring you in the Everest of success and a man can destroy you fully so something like that some people think that I'm bad and I make them all bad this person is already a full-time smoker so they are trying to manipulate you for making you a smoker so avoid this person if your not smoker but if you're already a smoker and try to avoid it so forget this person and his relation this person is harm for you and your health So you have to swear that I will not associate with these people anymore read more how to avoid smoker friends.


In this time everyone knows that is smoke causes cancer but there are lot's of people get it every day some are didn't think about it and some are trying to avoid it because of their family friends and society didn't support it and he avoids by them so for those people we will share this 10 killer tips that can work if they follow so if you did to read this post live a comment below what you think about this tips that we are explain.

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