Grameenphone My Gp Apps (All Service In One)

Grameenphone My Gp Apps (All Service In One)

that's why it's also called gp ecare apps. In this apps, you can get all the services like grameenphone call history check and grameenphone number details and many more without any customer care person help another best thing that is my gp app offer these things make an attraction with grameenphone users because if any grameenphone users want to get grameenphone internet offer,minit offer, and SMS offer, etc users need to dial code this system was critical and users didn't reminds this code but when my gp apps was coming it's easy to use so that's why we should know how to open mygp account and how to my gp app login.
Grameenphone My Gp Apps (All Service In One)

Mygp account

Befor using grameenphone my gp app you must need to open mygp account so follow the easy steps below
  • Open google play store
  • Search my gp apps
  • now download my gp app latest version
  • When downloading done open it
  • Enter the number which you use and active
  • Now you get OTP number by SMS
  • Enter OTP number 
  • Now fill your name which you use in your national id card
  • Upload you own photo
  • It's fully complete

Now you can enjoy all the services but without grameenphone balance transfer feature if your new sim user you must get eligibility for using this feature for enable this feature you need to use this new sim 1 year or must use 500-600 TK.

My Gp apps New Dashboard

My gp apps new dashboard customization is smooth and clear when you my gp app login at first you see your mobile balance in left side in circle right side 1st you see how many mb you have,2nd you see how many minutes you have,3rd you see how many SMS you have, On the top right, you see your mobile number which you use and logo you can also change it or top right side you see notification bell, search ber and how many have you gp points and many more.
Grameenphone My Gp Apps (All Service In One)

My Gp Apps Services

All the services read in below

My Gp apps services

My Gp Apps Flexiplan

This is the most interesting service in my gp apps you can easily costume your internet pack,costume voice call minutes, costume SMS pack all together in your budget, when you buy your customize package you get discount up to 58-86% and also get 10% internet bonus on this flexiplan so grab it quickly.
Grameenphone My Gp Apps (All Service In One)


This is a live streaming app like amazon prime,Netflix, etc you can watch here live sports,bangla natok,new bangla movies and many more so if you want to enjoy this app you need to subscribe bioscope pack this pack is very cheap price and price depending on validity if validity exists after pack purchase you can watch videos on wid as well.
Grameenphone My Gp Apps (All Service In One)

Live Sports

Every live sports is enjoyable and there are lot's of live streaming app for watching live sports but they didn't have a quality but my gp apps live sports give you are the best quality live streaming this live sports managed by live media ltd, on the other hand, you can get cricket and football trend news and it's every time updated for read more Click here
Grameenphone My Gp Apps (All Service In One)


When you click my gp apps internet service icon then you see all the internet pack, pack price, validity and many more all togehter but you can't understand which pack you need to buy so how to easily choose when you click internet icon now look small word 'short' click they now choose any option like price, volume, validity etc if you want buy on budget click on price if you want to long validity you choose validity for read more click here.
Grameenphone My Gp Apps (All Service In One)


Get gp call history app, internet history, recharge history, SMS history all history in one. This service shows your call history full detail like what is the incoming call number how many times you talk your incoming number you can also know which number you dial what is the number and what is the time or how much cost your talking time you can also get your internet full history which internet pack you buy what is the cost of internet pack what is the date you buy your pack and many more download my gp apps and get full recharge and SMS history.
Grameenphone My Gp Apps (All Service In One)

Gp Star

Grameenphone My Gp Apps (All Service In One)
At first you should know how to become gp star then you need to know category of gp star, their are 4 category of gp star and that is Silver,Gold,Platinum and Platinum plus for know what is the benefit of  become a gp stat and how to check your gp star status Click here

Gp Points

When you start to buy voice call minute,internet pack and SMS pack by my gp apps you can earn gp points, this gp points used to buy internet.SMS, voice call minute without spending any money this points validity is one year,no charge for gp points gifting or receiving for more information about gp points Click here

Grameenphone My Gp Apps (All Service In One)


This is another best service ever most of the user want to know it and they search in google balance transfer gp, balance transfer gp to bl, balance transfer gp to airtel and many more, now anyone can transfer their balance with my gp apps and this is the easiest way to balance transfer so if you want to read full process Click here

Refer And Earn

This service is interesting when you refer your friend for download my gp apps if he download you will earn 500 points for per download there are three-level when you complete 50 referral you reach level 2 that time your per referral you got 750 points at last when you complete 100 referral you reach level 3 that time your per referral you got 1000 points and this points you use getting internet, minute and many more you can also win a Samsung galaxy 10 plus by referring my gp apps for reading win process Click here

Store Locator

Lot's of customer didn't know were they got grameenphone sim,were they know about grameenphone sim offer and where they repair their sim card so that's why grameenphone launch gp center and gp express but customer didn't know where is the location this place when you open my gp apps click store locator icon and enter your are name it's show you the right path in map for read more click here.

Welcome Tune

Their are some few people who didn't know about grameenphone welcome tune this most popular service in grameenphone but some people didn't attach their sim welcome tune though they are interested because of welcome tune code but when my gp apps is coming it can do easily just open the app click the welcome tune icon-search your favorite song, artist and set welcome tune for read more Click here.


FnF is another interesting service especially gp super fnf but super fnf only available in gp djuice pack daily lot's of people search on google gp super fnf call rate ,gp super fnf call rate 2020,gp super fnf code,gp super fnf charge and many more so you can easily add super fnf in my gp apps open gp app click fnf icon and select super fnf then add your favorite number before you add super fnf at first make sure you're in djuice pack for read more click here.

and also their are more interesting and important services for you when your in grameenphone network member so download my gp app latest version this app make your user experience smooth.

My gp apps explore

If you are using my gp app you didn't need to download another app for the latest news and also you can know promotions, weather updates and the most interesting parts that are cricket live score, football score, smart solutions, game zone, game box. online etiquette, popular videos and many more just click on explore and get all the fresh things.

My Gp App Offer 2020

  • 5GB + 512MB Bonus 399TK for 30 days (earn 342 points)
  • 3GB + 308MB Bonus 108TK for 7 days (earn 93 points)
  • 10GB + 1GB Bonus 198TK for 7 days (earn 170 points)
  • 330 Minutes 199TK for 30 days (earn 156 points)
  • 160 Minutes 99TK for 7 days (earn 78 points)
  • 85 Minutes + 50 SMS 53TK for 7 days (earn 42 points)
  • 200 SMS 11.07TK for 30 days (earn 10 points)
  • 500 SMS 19TK for 30 days (earn 16 points)
  • 50 SMS 5.99TK for 30 days (earn 5 points)

All this offer is most popular on my gp apps and their are lot's offer check out on app.

Grameenphone Number Details

  • Open my gp app
  • Click account under the below
  • Click history
  • Select call history
  • Now you see lot's of number
  • Look on top right side 
  • Click on search bar enter the number which number you find
  • Secondly, there are on top right side 2nd position is for filter
  • You can easily get which date number you want.


All the information is so valuable every grameenphone user should know this info but right now most trend topic about grameenphone that is gp super fun call rate 2020 which answer is gp super fnf call rate 2020 is 7.5 poisha/10sec so if you think this post is valuable shere it and what you think about this post live a comment below.

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