[Best] Mobile Wallet Paytm In India 2020

[Best] Mobile Wallet Paytm In India 2020

Mobile wallet means all the banking activity in mobile that's why it's also called mobile banking and paytm is the india's one of the best mobile wallet.Paytm have lot's of offer and facility which attract their user and that's why day by day Paytm user increase and now their monthly active users is 27 million in mobile and paytm target their mobile users increase 250 million in 2020 march,they also enable 20 million retail merchants for accept digital payments through paytm QR.
[Best] Mobile Wallet Paytm In India 2020
[Best] Mobile Wallet Paytm In India 2020

Paytm Founder and owner

Paytm founder name is Vijay Shekhar Sharma he was born in 1978 now he is an indian billionaire business man and he also ranked in india as a youngest billionaire in 2017.When he was in the collage he make a website which is indiasite.net tow years later he sold it in $1 million after he started a One97 Communication in 2000 which company offer mobile content include news.cricket scores,ringtone,jokes etc but he can't carry it properly because of financial problem at that time Puas Agarwal brought 40% share of One97 company for help vijay.Puas agarwal is the boss of vijay after his help vijay grow One97 company then 2010 vijay launched Paytm from the One97 company.A company shareholder is the owner of company now Paytm have three shareholder who is One97 company 38% share,Alibaba group 42% share,Softbank 20% share.
[Best] Mobile Wallet Paytm In India 2020
[Best] Mobile Wallet Paytm In India 2020

Note: Before you create Paytm business account you must need a active Paytm account,if your account is 6 month old it to be good.

How To Create Paytm Business Account

  • At first Download Paytm for business app
  • Open app and select language
  • Then click get started button
  • Allow all the permission that app want
  • Then insert active paytm number or mail address
  • Then insert your paytm password
  • Now you will see 3 option
  • Select first one that is Accept payments using QR
  • Now you enter Pan number and Pan name
  • Now you enter display name,business category,sub business category
  • Now enter bank account number and IFSC Code
  • Now click sing up to Accept payments
  • Now your account has been created
  • Now see the down your app their are some option
  • Click accept payments for getting QR code 
  • Now you can receive your payments by QR code

[Best] Mobile Wallet Paytm In India 2020

India  is one of the largest country their are 120 million people lived and on the other hand indians day by day digitalis their country and they have lot's of example and paytm is one of them.Paytm is the digital mobile wallet which service their users money transaction anywhere and they have also lot's of services,their most popular service that is merchant account or business account that account use for getting payment from the customer by scanning QR code business man use it.One paytm stuff said that they have 8.5 million offline merchants and paytm daily get 30000 request for merchent account.


There are lot's of mobile wallets in india and paytm is number one of them because of their best services.Some services are very difficult before started paytm and that services like electricity bill payment,credit card bill payment,gas bill payment etc people need to wait in bank line but when paytm started to giving this services people are easyli payments their bills so what you think about paytm and what you think about this post live comment below.

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