Zee Bangla Serial Side Effect On Woman

Zee Bangla Serial Side Effect On Woman

Zee bangla serial is most famous in worldwide in women who understand bangla this women's learn from the zee bangla serial lot's of knowledge for their domestic life and most of the women used it but every think have a good or bad effects and this zee bangla serial have also this tow effects some nesw are proved that women's are strongly effected by the bad effects from zee bangla serial besides the good effects.
Zee Bangla Serial Side Effect On Woman
Zee Bangla Serial Side Effect On Woman
Zee Bangla Serial Bad Effects News
There is lot's of news but this news from bangladesh a teenager girl his name is halima khatun and she was only 13 she strongly effected by the zee bangla serial 'bojha na sa bojana' she wanted to get a dress like actress of this serial and this dress name is pakhi dress by the way she ask her father of this dress and her father accepted her wish but he was late that's why the girl attempt suicide and she was died this news is 2014.               

Top 5 Zee Bangla Bad Effects On Women

Misbehaved with Husband
A wife is the best partner of life for a husband but when a wife misbehaved with husband that time life becoming hell so how to start that a women when she was started watching zee bangla serial she wanted to try to live their life like a serial favorite actress but husband can't effort it at the time a wife misbehaved with her husband.         

Didn’t Focus Domestic Life
Every married women lead a domestic life when she focus on her domestic life a married life became beautiful and she getting respect from the father in law's house but when she intoxicate by zee bangla serial she forget all those things that she do everyday for her domestic life at the time everyone is irritate by her at last domestic going to be destroyed.

Child Didn’t Get Proper Caring
Child didn't know how to eat,how to be clean and how to be a good person  they everything learn from their mother and and mother should tech them properly but those mother who intoxicate by the watching zee bangla she didn't care of her child and this is the bad effect of child growth's sometimes a mother forget to give her child daily food on the other hand sometimes a mother didn't care her fever effected child their are lot's of stories like that.

Change Behaviour
Behaviour show your identity so when a women start to follow a actress and try to convert her lifestyle like actress she can not matured with the normal people when a women fully followed a actress like talking style,walking style etc that time normal people didn't get it properly and they try to give her a suggestion but a women getting it wrong she think everyone felling jealous then she misbehave with them.

Waste of Time
when a women watching a zee bangla serial she lost her total time reason if she was learning something that she can use her domestic life that will be the good using of time sometime we saw that some women meet together and they discuss of this serial actor actress look fashion and many more when they discuss sometime they entered real people domestic people life so all those things are totally waste of time.

There are good and bad aspects of everything

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