Green Tea Health Benefits Disclose

Green Tea Health Benefits Disclose

Green tea is gift from nature and green tea origin country is china this green tea is very healthy because green tea carries lot's of energy and also protein and some various vitamins also this green tea drink everyone from the age 15-60+ their no side effects from this green tea in this time lot's of people is diabetes patients and they also addicted in tea but they scared about drinking tea because generally tea bring lots of sugar so today we will share about green tea
Green Tea Health Benefits Disclose
Green Tea Health Benefits Disclose 
Green Tea
Green tea is most popular in every people who wants to be healthy because green tea carries lot's of healthy things like energy,protein,minerals,vitamins etc but one things that everyone didn’t know about how many precent healthy thing carrie pre 100gm green tea  energy 4 kJ,protein 0.2 g,vitamins: vitamin c  0.3 mg,vitamin B6 0.005 mg, thiamine B1 0.007 mg,Riboflavine B2 0.06 mg,Niacin B3 0.03 mg,minerals : iron 0.02 mg,magnesium 1 mg,magnanese 0.18 mg,potassium 8 mg,sodium  1 mg.

Top 5 Green Tea Health Benefits           

1.Fastest Way To Weight Lost
Health is wealth but people didn’t care about their health because lot's of things like their work,lifestyle and many more that's why different types of diseases live in their bodies and also most of the people live in diseases for their over wighted body this over weighted people try to reduce their fat by getting lot's of medicines but they but most of the case medicines didn’t work and people survive this medicines side effects but green tea is god gift for over weighted people because green tea haven’t any side effects and it’s reduced fastly people’s over weighted fat so over weighted people must drink green tea for their good health.                 

2.Breast Cancer
Their are four types cancer for women breast cancer is one of them lot's of women suffering in this disease this breast destroy a women normal life and destroy women breast also because this cancer remove by surgery and another therapy that's why every women should know about breast cancer and breast cancer symptoms and try to be safe and in this time women must need to drink when they try to safe from the breast cancer because one study showed that 20-30℅ women have low risk in breast cancer who daily drink green tea.                                       

3.Teeth Health Improvement
We are eat foods because we need to improve our health and energy for growing up and do every work properly but one things that we didn’t care our teeth health most of the people ignored it and that's why when we finished our foods eating some pieces of food stay on the teeth when this food pieces stay long time in our teeth its decomposes and start to creating bacteria and this bacteria harm our teeth health but we have a option to kill this mouth bacteria by eating green tea
some study is proved that green tea have lot's of natural things that kill bacteria.                               

4.Reduce Stroke Possibility
Their is no age for death by the stroke that's why we should know about stroke simply when in body blood flow gonna be wrong in the brain that time people felling so headache,can't walk properly,felling problem to talking etc.
stroke is the second main cause of death a survey was conducted around the world as results 42% people by the stroke in high income country and 87% people death and disability adjusted life live in middle and low income country
we all know that the middle and low country people live in lot's depression and dementia because they have job tension,family tensions,money tensions that's why we need to remove depression from our brain their is lot's of natural way for remove depression but green tea drinking is the best way because green tea fresh your mind one study showed when people start to drinking green tea 42% women have reduced the risk of death by stroke and 35% men have reduced the risk of death by stroke that's why we should drinking green tea for reduce stroke possibility.                 

5.Reduce Type 2 Diabetes
Type 2 diabetes is most common but very dangerous disease 400 million people affected by this disease in worldwide 100% of diabetes patients 90% diabetes patients affected type 2 diabetes and only 10% patients affected by type 1 diabetes when human blood have overload sugar,decreasing insulin performance and also decreasing physical performance this symptoms are main things that understand human are sufferings by type 2 diabetes most of the fat people suffering in this disease that's why we should drink green tea becasue green tea decrease our sugar one Japan study showed that 42 % people have low risk of developing type 2 diabetes who drink green tea.

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