Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Specification

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Specification

Samsung is the world largest and one of the branded mobile company recently they release their galaxy note series mobiles which is samsung galaxy note 10 and samsung galaxy note 10+ and this tow mobile is the most fastest phone now in samsung mobile and also other handset today we will share samsung galaxy note 10+ specification
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Specification
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Specification
Samsung Galaxy
স্যামসাং ইলেক্ট্রনিক পন্য হচ্ছে samsung galaxy আর এই galaxy series অনেক ভাল ভাল মোবাইল ফোন রয়েছে এবং তারা প্রত্যেকটা galaxy phone নিয়ে আসে নতুন নতুন কিছু বৈশিষ্ট্য এর সাতে এই galaxy series এর তিন ধরনের device আছে আর তা হল smartphone tablet এবং phablet এ সকল device তিন ধরনের system দ্বারা পরিচালিত andriod যা শুরু হয় ২০০৯ থেকে tizen যা শুরু হয় ২০১৫ থেকে এবং windose 10 যা শুরু হয় ২০১৬ থেকে               

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Specification

Display: This new Samsung galaxy note 10+ is 6.8" display with 7.9mm width high-polish metal and glass meld seamlessly and that's why it’s looking so slim and also gorgeous this phone display is dynamic AMOLED that's why video watching experience getting awsome.      

Camera: Their are 4 rear camera which is 12+12+16+12 MP and every rear camera is each each different feature and this phone have tiny facing camera which is 10MP and most interesting is depthvision camera which giving you most interesting features that you didn’t get any mobile and this camera is only for samsung galaxy note 10+         

Ram And Rom / Internal Storage: In this section samsung galaxy note 10+ divided by tow version which is 12 GB Ram and 256 GB internal storage and another 12 GB Ram and 512 GB internal storage on the other hand if anyone need more storage they increase up to 1TB storage via use microSD 

Buttery+Charging: Galaxy note 10+ battery is 4300mAh with super fast charging that longest battery right now no need to charge all the time just put in charging 30 minute and get full day power it also ditch the cord with super fast wireless charging 2.0.2 and any one can share his power by wireless powershare  with galaxy buds or QI-capability devices. 

Colour: Their are four colours in samsung galaxy note 10+ one is aura white and another is aura glow aura black or aura blue and this four colours is so gergous in phones.   

Andriod Version + Processor: The new samsung galaxy note 10+ made with new andriod which is andriod pie the fastest andriod system this galaxy note 10+ made by 7nm processor with 12GB Ram and this processor giving the best gaming experience in the gamer.     

Connectivity: This samsung galaxy note 10+ made with 5g supported and also had a WIFI 6 supported which options giving us most fastest internet using experience and bluetooth 5.0 NFC

S Pen : Samsung galaxy note 10+ have awsome s pen which is redesign with lot's of features like up to 10 hours battery stand by time play and pause the videos sanp photos navigate presentation this s pen also have sound up and down by gesturing up and down remotely capture photos etc

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